Indonesian Facts

Indonesia, with a population of 265Mio, is the 4th most populated country in the wold. It is spread from Thailand to Australia over 5000km (east-west). Since the downfall of the 30 years ruling regime in 1998, Indonesia developed quickly into a stable and fair democratic system. With its large population and fast-growing middle class, Indonesia will also continue to increase its economic weight in region.

This is heavily supported by the acting government which is pushing hard to improve infrastructure and business friendly environment.

With its young, well-educated and dynamic workforce, production of more labour-intensive products can be international competitive. Indonesia therefore should absolutely be considered as your Asian production hub for the region and as production extension for exporting back to Europe.

Interesting Facts About Indonesia

  • Total Population 265 Mio

  • Median age of 30 years

  • GDP USD 1,02 trillion, 7th biggest worldwide

  • Public dept 29% of GDP

  • Growth rate average 5%

  • Inflation 3,8% (2017)

  • Biggest ASEAN member

  • Fastest growing middle class worldwide 100Mio

Many bigger Swiss companies are successfully active for years and decades in Indonesia and continue to invest and grow. On the other hand, for most European SME’s, Indonesia remains largely a dark spot on the international business map. Missing out on the interesting prospective in Indonesia.

Besides the very positive economic numbers, the ease of setting up and running a small operation has improved a lot and is relatively inexpensive.
Not to underestimate the positive and welcoming mindset of Indonesians towards “Westerners” which eases the way to your Asian hub in Indonesia. English is widely used in business and “Bahasa Indonesia” is using the Latin alphabet.

Swissness In Indonesia


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However, some issues remain. You will have to be willing to leave your comfort zone in Europe to take advantage of the of vast market and competitive labour in Indonesia.
Most important is to start collecting well founded information on “how-to” and find the right contacts and partners which have the right experiences to be able to guide you around the existing obstacles.
You must take Indonesia seriously and prepare well but it would be a big mistake to ignore Indonesia for your future growth.

Swissness in Indonesia still carries the positive prejudices like:
• High quality products
• Cleanness
• Well organized
• Beautiful landscape